Some women suffer from medical or gynecological conditions which prevent them to Conceive and carry on a pregnancy till birth. Surrogacy is a boon to such women. We offer a holistic and effective approach to this sensitive issue.

The decision to seek the assistance of a surrogate is not easy. We strive to ease the stress of these decisions by offering you one of the transparent, cost effective and genuine surrogacy programmes.

Surrogacy may be needed for people with these following conditions :-

There are 2 types of Surrogacy. The traditional surrogacy is where the surrogate's gametes are used with the sperms of the intending parent. We do not offer traditional surrogacy in our centre. The gestational surrogacy is where the surrogate does not contribute any of her own genetic material. In this case, the egg as well as the sperms are extracted, fertilized in the laboratory with IVF/ICSI and then implanted into the uterus of the surrogate.

We at SSFC have completed many successful surrogate deliveries. We have successfully helped Couples nationally and internationally to complete their family.

Screening the surrogates

The surrogates are chosen after going through our stringent criteria. Each prospective surrogate must have had at least one child and be involved in a stable marriage or partnership, with her partner being supportive of her decision.

A complete physical, medical and family health history is taken. They are screened for all sexually transmitted diseases. They are also screened for relevant reproductive and genetic disorders .

We only choose women who are genuinely interested in helping other childless couples.The surrogate is looked after well and under our constant supervision.They are from the same area as this helps them to visit us easily, and it makes our supervision more convenient. We use a team approach whereby egg donation and/or surrogacy arrangement is managed by the doctor and the attorneys.


The first step in the surrogacy process for couples involves a consultation with us during which your medical history is taken and necessary investigations are completed. The results can be reviewed along with the discussion about the total programme. We can provide you with information about the availability of surrogates.

You can schedule a consultation with our attorney who would be happy to help with your legal formalities. You could also meet our overseas co-ordinator who will help you with your visa process. You could also meet your surrogate with prior notice.