Infertility and lifestyle changes

Lifestyle can have significant impact on both men and women being able to conceive either naturally or with fertility treatment.

Weight plays a major role in the frtility treatment of any couple. A BMI of 30 and above is associated with reduced fertility and increased miscarriage rates. It also increases the chances of developing gestational diabetes which results in premature birth and even neo-natal death in some occasions.

In women smoking and alcohol intake reduces pregnancy rates by 40% and increases the incidence of pregnancy loss and genetic abnormal babies .It also increases the chance of a premature menopause

While normal amount of caffeine intake is advantageous high caffeine intake may increase the rate of miscarriage

Daily consumption of adequate amount of water and juices – not caffeine drinks, fizzy

sodas and alcohol – can improve a woman’s general health and also any chance of conception

In men:

We at SS fertility centre provide comprehensive care with diet and exercise to resolve or improve the lifestyle factors that affect fertility can be thereby increasing the chance of any fertility treatment being successful.Any patient can feel free to talk to us about how to help themself or and improve their ‘fertility fitness’ before starting any fertility treatment.