Getting Started

The first step in any fertility treatment is to identify and understand the reasons why pregnancy has not occurred naturally. Initially we recommend.

At your initial consultation, we will review your medical history and give you a full physical examination. We will explore all the available options with you, and together you'll agree a suitable course of treatment.

In some cases, we may need additional investigations, such as an ultrasound scan ,hormone analysis, semen analysis etc.. We can carry out these tests at our Clinic, or get it done elsewhere. Normally tested on day two to five of the menstrual cycle
We would review all these report and advice you on the next step.


Whenever you need support, we are here to help – no matter what stage you've reached in your journey with us.The service is available before, during and after all treatments

We have a dedicated couseller who focus on your problems and help you in anyway needed.

The counselling service is available on all fridays. Please contact the reception for fixing appointment.

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Don't Stress Before Your IVF Cycle

It is well established that stress significantly affect the pregnancy rate in ivf patients.

Stress affects our hormone levels and this in turn affects the fertility, and the resulting fertility problems can increase the stress level in a couple thus resulting in a cascade.

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