Mrs.Vijayalakshmi is an experienced counsellor who is very caring and compassionate. She holds a Masters in NLP. She has a passion for helping people cope with their emotions.

A diagnosis of infertility or an inability to get pregnant after a year or more of trying can lead to depression, anxiety , psychological problems and trigger feelings of shame. The failure to live up to traditional gender expectations can strain relationships. The challenge is to prevent them from faulting themselves and start managing stress and making the right choices.

Mrs.Vijayalakshmi has worked with many groups of people with varying needs. She helps improve interpersonal relationship and family ties with the help of relaxation therapy, CBT, and NLP techniques to counter the worry and stress that accompany fertility problems

Don't Stress Before Your IVF Cycle

It is well established that stress significantly affect the pregnancy rate in ivf patients.

Stress affects our hormone levels and this in turn affects the fertility, and the resulting fertility problems can increase the stress level in a couple thus resulting in a cascade.

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